As technology pushes DNA to extremes, unintended consequences are inevitable.

I’m old enough to remember Facebook emerging in Silicon Valley in the 2000s.

I’m a Silicon Valley marketer, and social media was the promise of something great: a way to establish “relationships” with our customers. And it was free! Imagine my clients and their dream of cheap marketing. Guy Kawasaki was a social media monster, writing The Art of Social Media in 2014 and setting insane expectations for the marketing people who had to clean up after his enthusiasm.

Gloved hand putting blood sample into a vial.
Gloved hand putting blood sample into a vial.
Courtesy of pxhere.

Fast forward to 2021, and we’re all realizing this elixir has a high rate of toxicity. From amplification algorithms that reward…

As we strive to navigate power inequities, an upfront agreement can level the playing field.

Many of us are doing our best to raise our social consciousness and be considerate of one another as our culture finds its way to a new normal. On almost every important subject, we’re working to create space for differences of opinion and finding a new middle ground (or not). Thanks to the pandemic, we’re doing much of this online or within our little bubbles, and we face communication constraints that have made navigating our differences even more difficult.

Coming together to create mutual intention is powerful.
Coming together to create mutual intention is powerful.
Photo by form PxHere

Social media is an outlet, but it’s difficult to know who and what to trust. And that’s just the beginning. By…

With one simple question, reduce misunderstanding and discover delight.

When I realized my grand plan to get married and have kids wasn’t going to manifest, I decided I would forge ahead on my own. For me, that meant doing research to learn parenting techniques and building a support system to help me make it happen.

I served on the board at our local Conflict Resolution Center (focused on mediation) and met a remarkable woman named Rainbow Markell. She was an experienced Early Childhood Education pro, and she turned me on to the RIE Method of child-rearing that I still use today in dealing with other humans.

Rainbow and Katie — Rainbow was essential in helping me create a friction-free home environment.

Because her advice…

Blood Banks are some of the happiest places on earth. Here’s what you’re missing.

That’s me! Filling another bag of platelets. Author’s photo.

In the spring of 1980, I drove across the US by myself. It was one of the best things I have ever done. When I got to North Carolina, I visited my aunt and uncle, whom I rarely saw because they lived across the country. My uncle Jack worked security at Research Triangle and was a volunteer at the Red Cross Blood Bank.

He convinced me to give my first blood donation.

I was lucky to have him sponsor me for the first time. I got lots of attention, great snacks, and the positive experience stuck with me; I’ve been…

In cyber, nothing is trusted. That’s the assumption: all things are bad until they aren’t.

If you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix yet, I encourage you to spend 90 minutes and watch. Include the older kids. You may need to pause it at times to discuss the point. It’s worthy of a discussion. As a life-long Silicon Valley marketer, it struck a nerve.

So proud to be part of this team at RSAC in 2018. I’m the short, fat, happy woman in front! Author’s image.

I’ve worked in cybersecurity for years. I am the marketing person who turns an engineer’s wild ideas into plain English so ordinary people can understand what they are doing and why they’re doing it. While it can be hopelessly dull, cybersecurity is vital. …

Invaluable help for victims of trauma. It’s worth trying if you’re struggling.

In July 2018, Paige St John released a podcast called Man in the Window. It’s a fantastic podcast that tells the Golden State Killer story, emphasizing the women and the times (the 1970s).

My daughter at Pixar expressing her inner power. We all have this power. We all can be brave. Author’s image.

In the final episode, Resurrection, Paige talks about the therapist Phyllis (Victim #1) and Kris Pedretti are seeing, and she speaks briefly about the therapeutic technique. I thought I’d provide more information for those of you interested so you can investigate this kind of treatment for yourself. It’s beneficial for anyone with PTSD or deep trauma.

This method is like EMDR on steroids.

I didn’t realize I…

My victim impact statement in the Golden State Killer case: he is a hallmark of white privilege.

I have been graced with amazing support from so many. I could not have done this without you. TV image.

This is a copy of my written statement. You can watch the whole thing here via the local news’ Facebook page. My part begins at roughly 21 minutes. Inside scoop, I did two things at the beginning, spoke to the judge about lawyers to help me relax and transition. And then, what you may not know, is we caught DeAngelo bitching to his lawyers as court ended on Weds. Apparently he was tired of looking at the “same six spots” to avoid eye contact with us. He was pissed because his peripheral vision kept spotting us! So I had to…

Decades later, I’m still dealing with the shame.

The most shameful thing about the murder of my dad and stepmom, Lyman and Charlene Smith, was being a suspect. I can’t believe it happened. I still can’t believe the police thought I could do something so awful. My mom was my alibi that night, and she failed to remember I was home. When I walked in that night, she was in the bean bag chair watching Soap. She didn’t know I had gone into my room and jumped on the phone with my friend Kathy.

Mom had one job, and she blew it. Yes, I forgave her.

What happened…

He’s managed to dodge death row. Here’s what will happen instead.

“I did all those things,” Ho said DeAngelo muttered. “I’ve destroyed all their lives, so now I’ve got to pay the price.”

This is how we’ve typically seen him. Credit: AP News

Joseph DeAngelo has pled guilty to 13 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of kidnapping. He also admitted guilt in 62 other crimes, including rapes, robbery, and more. These crimes weren’t charged because the statute of limitations protected him from prosecution.¹ Before his plea, special circumstances were attached, which meant the death penalty if guilty.²

I’m on the record as being opposed to the death penalty. As you might think, my opposition has little relevance to what…

Grab your home team and negotiate a winning plan for learning.

Jump in, you got this! Helping kids learn doesn’t have a lot of rules. Use your business sense and get ‘er done. Author’s image.

You have superpowers at work. There are processes and procedures for everything, and even when you’re innovating, you know how to get that done. The by-product of your experience is a feeling of competence and confidence.

Suddenly, you’re working from home (if you’re lucky), and you see the food-stained faces of young people looking at you for leadership, guidance, and inspiration. There’s no alcohol discount deep enough to help you embrace this task.

But I have good news. Your business skills can set you free!

Start with business objectives.

Any good team optimally executes if there’s a clear roadmap for…

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With a master’s in Strategic Communication, I’ve helped more companies in Silicon Valley than a cat has lives! More

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