Five Christmas Crochet Patterns that are Fast, Easy, and Delightful

Use your skills to delight your friends and family at Christmas

My family thinks I have a problem. I love to crochet, and I buy too much yarn. I’ve found out from other crafters it’s absolutely normal behavior for the fiber-inclined.

My thing is, I like to go fast and see results quickly. That’s how I curated my list of the top five things I make that are holiday-related. Four of these patterns are free, but I have added one paid design at the bottom that’s worth it.

1 Classic Christmas Stocking [Pattern]

There are dozens of stocking patterns available, and many are free. I wanted a pattern that had the structure down so I could adapt colors, stitches, and more based on a solid framework. Cheryl at 365 Crochet delivers. I have played with stripes, weird yarns, and different stitches (except the heel part, I stick to sc), and I use the four dc popcorn stitches for the top cuff (the white part) to simulate fur.

Red classic crochet stocking free pattern.

2 Holiday Apron [Pattern]

Sarah at RepeatCrafterMe brings me joy. Her patterns are creative, colorful, and often for kids. She’s incredibly generous with free patterns, and her Facebook group is a terrific way to keep up with new themes. Her 2022 gnome project has been fun, and I’ve made and given away several because they work up fast and feel festive. This apron is gender-neutral and a fun way to let kids dress up and also help out and look great in photos. BONUS! There’s also a pattern for adults.

3 Christmas Tree [Pattern]

I love kids, and giving them access is part of my mission in life. At the holidays, we drag out family heirlooms and often tell the kids (repeatedly), “Look with your eyes, don’t touch!” It’s time to let them touch all they want with Yarnspirations personal Christmas tree (and it doesn’t have to be cotton yarn or green!). This pattern is a winner because it starts at the top, and you can keep adding rows if you want to make it even bigger by extending the pattern’s rhythm. Not only that, but then you can take them shopping for buttons or…

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