As we strive to navigate power inequities, an upfront agreement can level the playing field.

In cyber, nothing is trusted. That’s the assumption: all things are bad until they aren’t.

So proud to be part of this team at RSAC in 2018. I’m the short, fat, happy woman in front! Author’s image.

Invaluable help for victims of trauma. It’s worth trying if you’re struggling.

My daughter at Pixar expressing her inner power. We all have this power. We all can be brave. Author’s image.

My victim impact statement in the Golden State Killer case: he is a hallmark of white privilege.

I have been graced with amazing support from so many. I could not have done this without you. TV image.

He’s managed to dodge death row. Here’s what will happen instead.

“I did all those things,” Ho said DeAngelo muttered. “I’ve destroyed all their lives, so now I’ve got to pay the price.”

This is how we’ve typically seen him. Credit: AP News

Grab your home team and negotiate a winning plan for learning.

Jump in, you got this! Helping kids learn doesn’t have a lot of rules. Use your business sense and get ‘er done. Author’s image.

Jennifer Carole

With a master’s in Strategic Communication, I’ve helped more companies in Silicon Valley than a cat has lives! More

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